Saturday, August 23, 2014

Lesson no.1

I don't want to argue with anyone..I am done fighting for what is right and what is wrong....probably i am dragging other people into it too...I guess life for me says "don't have to hover over again and again into something that tickles the sense of negativity in you...Time to let go of the thing that are not working out"..too young to hold on to things that are bringing pain not only to self but others in the environment as well....Life is all about experimenting and sticking to the ones that is most feasible...only a stone can stay in a single place..despite of sunlight, rainfall or thunderstorm...
        Its not always good fighting for the right..if it's not your problem..if you are not the one into the thick soup or if its something that is going to create hatred among others..of course the Buddha said."
don't be selfish:" But here the thing is not about being selfish..It's about making the change for your happiness... The mere research behind happiness begins with self and only if you are happy than you can make others happy and the environment will be a happy one..I thank my friend Thinley for igniting this light in me during our conversation about the situation i am in right now. Be selfish if it's your happiness that's at stake.


"Hatred generates negative energy" and if there is hatred you better be quick in reacting to the problem. Always be the one behind the research to figure out where you went wrong. Here i already have done it. Now the thing is I have to prove that i am the best and if they lose me,they going to regret..I am going to show them that i am the best. 

       Figure out your goals,set in the things that are going to bring out the best in you. I have so far been good and if thats how i am being judged i have to make certain change in me and figure out where I went wrong.. I am going to think only about myself..stop caring for others and do best that i can..
         So either bring the change to see if its working out and good if it does...if not plan, set something else and move on to another...but make sure you have things ready on other side before leaving..
sow the seeds and jump on to where its green...

     If things work out after making certain change in my character I will stick to the present deed i am doing if not like the earlier will become a mere experiment of my life..I am going to let go of this..and begin my next adventure. I have all ready and set if i want to go from here.

Life's Adventure

The best thing a man can do is...take his camera..pack a backpack...and go on a adventure likenothing is holding back...take lots of photos and enjoy the moment like its the end..Some of my favorite pictures captured...more to come... #nofilter Follow me on instagram. @namgyal.tiku for more photos from my collection.

Friday, August 22, 2014

What I'm learning??

There is always a better side to being positive and thinking positive.. The phenomenon behind is leading a positive life. I am a great believer in the methods and consequences of the philosophies that are associated with positiveness.
             According to research our thought creates vibration and anything that is in the thought becomes action. We must be in the potential to erase "I can't" from our dictionary of live and make things appear as "I Can". lesson learned is positive thought leads to positive action.
     The fundamental behind being the one with all the thoughts that goes towards making the human kind survive worst of tragedies lies in our hand. Have a thought of whats going to happen to the world after certain years...Is it going to be same like this forever.Most certainly the answer is "NO". 
      On the verge of bringing change in the society and on the globe as whole.. Our mother earth is bearing uncontrollable pain. The changes we make today are not going to have a sustainability.. 
        The fundamentalist behind being "buying now and paying later"...what i mean here is not merely buying stuff using your credit card. It is something you should have a great thinking to do. Buying now is what the generation present is taking from the Earth, it's resources to the core. Now think what price the future generation will pay. Of course the answer is simple...suffering and suffering as in not mare pain in's going to tear people apart. There will be lots of fight and famine, drought and calamity...sadness all over..
      The earth will not remain like will collapse.Nothing will remain...mankind will not survive.
So, what learned here is phenomenal and true. We must put in our positive thought together and start acting towards the "TRANSITION".
     Transition here is towards the human mind set development and our attitude towards mother earth. We have to heal our earth from now on..It has taken in too much pain and it's in the verge to collapse and finally take it's last breath. 
        "In healing our relationship to the Earth,we heal ourselves". Each human being is unique and for each one path is different. Everyone can contribute in one way or another. Lets all join hand and work towards the Transition.  Let's Change..Do something   or the other to reduce the harm on our mother Earth.