Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Smile your way out

 "When life gives you too many lemons , make a lemonade out of it"...Something that hovers over me when times  test to take the worst out of me. When you are working in the environment full of egoistic people and people who don't like to see you happy..This will motivate you to carry on..
            There are certain people who carry two faces in the working environment. They will act like you are their everything when you are with them and moment you turn your back to take a step forward they will bite you like dog from your back and start back stabbing you.
            It's always better to tell if you don't like something. Back stabbing or talking from back will not do good to either self or the other person. It is always better to sort things up front..before it's too late or worst will happen if the person finds out you are talking bad about him/her.
            It doesn't matter if someone is going to hate you for you being truthful about things happening around. To those who matters they will always try to stick beside you no matter what and try to sort things out with you. And maybe try to change them self.
   If you come across something that is disturbing the whole thing..than go up front and let the person know about it. Be careful you don't make the wrong judgement.Anything particular,research is must before coming down to any conclusion. Make sure you have enough evidence to prove that what the other is not going in the right direction and it's hurting the others feeling.
            The best way to go, is be assertive..take care of your feeling and the others feeling your way. This is the best way to melt anyone's heart. Always keep yourself open to others statement. There must be a whole lot of point in why the person has done so. So try to sort things out in better way. This is the best way to avoid lemons the the working environment.
           Be polite and be assertive..Non verbal communication always works with intense people in the tough atmosphere. Do the observation carefully...take care of your feeling and the other's too..and in the end state your will be in good terms with everyone and you can smile your way throughout the day and all the days to come..

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  1. Nicer observation and kinder concern for all of us...