Thursday, November 6, 2014


To all those who are struggling to make a career,including self...
Everything in life is not what you want to do..but also about what you have to do. The modern world is based on competition and striving to achieve whats best. After all happiness is defined by how much sanctification you gain from your life within certain years from now. All based on what you will do and how you earn to do that.
                               Be positive no matter what. When it comes to making a decision about your career. Thrive for the best...struggle to get there no matter what. All of us are not equally privileged to do things as we desire.
                            Everyone is not born with BMW's parked in-front of our house or a posh office ready to bump in right after our studies.  The word has become a mean place to live in. How you going to live past your life is completely dependent upon your struggle in the early days. So do it even if you don't like it. I will guarantee you won't regret it.
        When you are still young and full of energy, develop lots of passions, thrive hard and go into the one that gives you pleasure as well as dollar.
                          When it comes to making a career choice, always look up the ladder. Don't hover over  those who are failing in life..Your focus should be on those who are succeeding..Life was never a competition before but it is now.. It's high time you wake up..pull up your socks and look up. People always say" dream of landing on moon and you will land among the stars".. Dream big but at the same time put bigger effort as well..
                       Have a focus, set your goals right. It's not about whether you like it or not..It's about staying focused on things you want.

            In life everybody need a little motivation to carry forward what they intend to do. You may aim big but if you are not motivated, you will not reach there in the right time. Always be motivated and stay focused on your goals.
            Being young and full of energy is not only about going to the newly opened pubs and dancing to your favorite number. It's about working hard to achieve your dreams. You may not like doing certain things but when it comes to setting your goals right, you don't have a choice.
            The right time to work hard and earn more is best when you are young and full of energy. This is the time you can take anything that comes your way, be it harsh or something that gives you butterflies in your stomach.

         Your dream to satisfactory life will only come if you are ready to struggle now. Take a more aggressive approach to your life. You don't like what you doing now..that's not your choice..Make a way to fall in love with it.. It will pay you good in times to come and you will have a life worth living.
          Don't run away from hard work..if you are than you are running away from success.. Accept failure, learn from it..Don't repeat the same mistakes again and again. Lessons learned from your mistakes are stepping stones to your goal in life....
            Make the best out of your life..Don't let your youthfulness get ruined by unwanted things.
Be focused..set your goals right. I say once more "Everything in life is not what you want to do but also about what you have to"


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