Thursday, September 4, 2014

Self Esteem

Self Esteem-pride and honor behind a man's success. 

Ever felt like you been broken down, pushed away and kicked so hard that you are not able to wake up from the ground, dust yourself and walk away with pride. These are the normal lemons of life you face each time you want to do something good.
               I have been through such incidents in my life..Sometimes the bitterness is so hard that it tears you apart,breaks you down and all you are left with is shock and sadness that almost tries to paralyze you.
                    The most important thing to do during these crucial time is never lose your self-esteem...Always keep your self at high self-esteem..and love yourself as much as you can..
It's only you and yourself alone that can judge and know what you are going through. Always place yourself above anyone.
                     Some people tend to lose self esteem at such time and they go through nervous break down. Nervous break down is something no one can face at any age. It leaves a man shattered.

               When you go through certain bumps in life...never feel that you are not worthy of anything..
Always remember that you are "worthy" of something and you are going to prove to the world that you are the best.
                  High self-esteem leads to enjoying high values in life. You become more competent and you are valued more by the superior as well as the colleagues...A talented man with low self esteem is worth nothing and your talents are never recognized..
              To make a noise in the world,the environment you are living in..have a high self esteem...have courage to face anything..don't fear challenges....Let the haters bark..let the air be full of jealousy ..Always keep in mind when you are going forward,"barking dog never bites" and jealousy becomes your puller to the height of success.  ...
       Today I write this as I am finally being recognized for my talent and what I am capable of doing..."HAVE A HIGH SELF ESTEEM..ENJOY THE FRUIT IT BRINGS"...