Wednesday, December 17, 2014

For you all..

 Sometimes we don't learn through mistakes. We keep on repeating the same mistake again and again..Going in the pace and lost in the moment..Mistake never become the stepping stone to success.

Sometime some people touch our heart without doing anything special..without being funny or doing things as we say. These things becomes undesirable to go with or take the lead when they come from people we least expect it from.

You say you are hurt when you fall, and never care to wake up again, not realising that there are people, right in the corner, looking out for you at every moment...wanting to be near you and take you away from all the down falls you going through...

There are people wanting so desperately to be close to you, hold your hand and make you happy all over again,,,,share your joy at times of happiness...share your sorrow at times of sadness and make your every moment count..

Yet, we don't tend to see anything in the person and look in the other direction where things are motionless and will be in pain forever...not knowing the one who can make everything right is in the other direction...

You need to focus more when you are down...move ahead..change your direction...try out new things and just go with the flow...

Everyday has it's beginning...and in the end if you are not happy..than it's not the end...Always remember the brightest light always comes from the darkest place...

Right thought and right action, always leads to a better quality of life. You need to lay low and lead a simple life. Journey of thousand miles always begins with a single step..a step taken with a smile and simple approach. Every step taken with a fruitful thought will always take you on a beautiful phase of life..

Down the Lane


You may have it today, the reason to smile, the reason to laugh and the reasons to hover over again and again. The moments to cherish.
                                            Tomorrow may not be the same. It may bring you pain, it may bring you misery. It may bring you sorrow you cannot bear. It may tear you apart, break you down and never leave any courage to stand.
                                Don't give up on your hope, is all I want to say. I read it somewhere "when one door of happiness closes..another opens..but often we look at the closed door for so long that we don't realize the one that has been opened for us. So always look out for the new door opened for us. For as long as we have each other's back, we have another day to survive.

                                                                                    We have a bound never to be broken..we have lasting memories..that will never fade.. and we have love for each other that will never die. We have shared joys together, laughed those crazy nights together. We have spend sleepless nights and slept whole day together. 
             Shared our misery, home sickness, sleeping on the terrace, looking at those stars and reminiscing ours times back home together. For all in all regretted being in the college that had no fun stored in for us. 
Yet we survived each and every moment because we had each other. A shoulder to lean on and cry our heart out.

              We didn't have the best of everything but we had our share of fun. We shared joys together every weekend..laughed till the stomach hurt..through all those crazy nights in NS and KK. We never missed out on a birthday bash or any other reason to have a booze night. 
                                                                                          Got high, puked in peep's room, regretting in the morning with bad headache, keeping fake promises never to drink again..puke becoming happy memory to laugh over..yet lived those magic moments with nights to remember and stories to be shared in another night like this to come.
                        Hangover were hard to face..but we never gave up on fun. I hoped and prayed for the same fun to have all over again, after we live here. But now that we are separated by distance..I have only memories to cherish. It is true..I don't miss the college but vibe we had outside forever..You been the best of friends, dear and true to my heart. The moments we had..I long for everyday. 
                                  We may never get back the precious moments we had..but if we ever get back to one place again..I wanna relive the moments all over again...I miss you all my PSNA buddies... 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Gained Knowledge

GAIA SESSION. Back to Basic Design Education

Nonviolent communication
What the BBDE term it as NVC or the nonviolent communication was taught in the previous session but couldn’t be completed, so the afternoon class was dedicated to recapitulating what we learned in the previous class. We were taught about shifting our mindset and seeing the difference it brings with the change we are willing to go through.
           To focus our mind on the problem solving. In the NVC it’s all about reframing the statement, fulfilling your needs without doing any harm to the other person. There are different modes in communication, like the passive, manipulative, aggressive, and assertive. During the communication, if you are more passive, it will lead to aggressiveness. Person who are being passive are bound to be used.
         If you are aggressive in your communication than the opposite will be aggressive too. Even if you are manipulative, it will lead to an aggressive result. These type of conversation will yield nothing in the end. There is presence of energy everywhere. Energy moves from one direction to another. The feeling, need for communicating, need for success, need for development are all energy passing from one direction to another. When two person are communicating, the energy is passed from one to another. The energy is being communicated.
          To see the presence of energy around us. Rub your finger together for some time, close your eyes and empty your mind. Then move your hand back and forth, you will notice something between your fingers. Presence of thread like structure depicts the presence of energy. The transition takes place between your fingers at different level.  
        Assertive or nonviolent communication bring different type of energy. Every time there is transition and energy passing, If you change your behavior or energy passing, you will see the positive energy.
Sum up the point of leadership. There are different types of leaders. Some are low task and low relationship who are bureaucrats. Some are high task and low relationship and some high relationship and low task. The compromising ones are the ones who are in middle with 5.5 ratings. All the types of leaderships are effective leaders in different ways.
Low task, low relation type of leaders can be in bank, public sectors and government jobs. These type of leaders are the ones who do things as said. They will take only single step in doing things. These type will not take initiative in doing things, very good with following rules and regulations. High task and low relationship type of leaders are the ones who are good in taking initiatives and are task masters. They are all about completing the task and task oriented. They are least bothered about relationship and sentiments of other people. These types of leaders can be good grandparents and task oriented boss. High relationship and low task leaders are the ones who value relationship than anything else. These type of leaders can be good developer, councilor and teachers. They are not bothered about task but highly feeling oriented. Compromising leaders, those who come on the 5.5 scale are the ones who will be successful executives. They will complete the task and value the relationship too.
Now what matters is know where you stand and make the change. Increase the task or start valuing the relation according to your needs. Leadership is about enabling the others to grow. Take a step, mobilize people around you. Concentrate on the subject, become the task master and keep them happy.
Task and leadership  
Time Matrix

Task can be classified as the following
a)     Some are important and urgent
b)    Important but not urgent
c)     Urgent but not important
d)    Not urgent and not important
How leaders immerge is solely based upon your dreams and interest. So one must hold on to your dreams and have an interest.
The collaboration to collect plastic bottles and building a bottle brick house was discussed based on the above class. Followed by presentation on each topics by individual in the group. The group discussion was done based on the leadership technique and procedure. Form this we learned, the importance of a leader is to connect with nature, relationship and task. You need to plan your weekly/monthly plan according to your task. Time matrix is important for a leader to plan. A leader is one who facilitates. What is important in doing a task is to see what is urgent and important first. With this immediately classification of thing takes place. Thinking can come only when you have the idea of classification.
Pink slip
In software companies if you are not performing up to the mark of the company. You will be given a pink slip. If you see one lying on your table, it means you can take rest. You are not going to be the part of the company anymore. Now a days people go through disease called pink slip syndrome in multinational companies which are treated by councilors in big cities.

Thinking process

                                                                          Process                                             relationship

Relationship is based on contribution. It about what type of relationship you have with each other. It is important to measure the relationship in order to be an effective leader. Process is how you design. The vision matrix and how it is managed. In the process you discuss how is the process, how you are going to do. Somebody will come up with the rule and the real essence of the project will not be there. How individual function in the group is the essence of the group. The three(task, process and relationship) comes only when the leader emerges.
The process has to be
·        Celebrate
·        Encourage
·        Appreciate
The process is very important in the group. How you are going to do it matters. The information to create awareness has to be a unique, so prepare yourself. The title has to be unique and creative. Visualize what’s going to happen, put it in the left side of your brain and you will play exactly like that. You have to start and once you start, it will be created.
Group Discussion
During a group discussion, different types of individual occurs. Based on the role they are taking in the group, the fellow people involved in the group discussion can be classified as
·        Detractor –specific and will talk outside about the group.
·        Observer- okay, let me see what happening type of individuals.
·        Participators- those who participate
·        Contributor- contribute and they like to take leadership.
Leader level
Leader in the group has to be sensitive and handover the leadership. To be an effective leader in a group one must move into higher level of leadership and lead the group. Always try to bring others to another level too. In a group one must always shift the level. Participants will take the lead and ask the observers to participate. Leader is all about making the shift. You have to move forward and take the initiative. In the end a leader in a group is all about making all the members contribute. Take the best from all and keep everyone happy.
What comes to your mind when you hear the words?
100 times you tell a lie, it becomes truth. Money is for circulation so the coin is round. We all have to be the part of the system. If you think you are abundant then you are. Money is only a medium. We all are greedy and we create crisis. Today we enjoy and enjoy it fully, never thinking of tomorrow. Economy in the new direction. Either use it or lose it.
Economic leak

Village produce different products, where it is going? To the town and cities. Economy which can create happiness and which can sustain is the local economy. We have to develop local economy.
To further clarify on the economic leak a game was conducted. Leaks are taking place mainly because we buy products from outside and we have nothing to roll in the economy. But this wasn’t all the reasons behind. The name of the game was “win as much as you can”. It was a auction, each member was given certain money to do the auction. We were to ask to invest and win more. At last after investing in the auction, each group were cheated. We were left with less money than before. But the one who conducted the auction had more money than ever. It all showed how economic loop is happening.
All in all we have to stand together to stop the loop. We can invest less instead of investing more. The best way to prevent economic loop is by a simple method of cooperativeness.
·        Association
·        Common thought
·        Come as volunteer
·        Achieve common social end.
·        Develop economy
To boost the local economy. It’s best to keep the economy in circulation within the cooperatives. Cooperation where multiple owners can come together and create a business. They will work and they will earn. The participation will include members and directors. The limitation of share capital will depend on the interest and volunteerism. To get started with the cooperative, first you need to get organized. Prepare general statements, draft cooperative laws, draft article and repair CDA.
The benefits of cooperative business are
·        Thrift/wise use of money
·        Avail loan
·        Needs solving
·        Love and concern for fellow mates
·        Unified participation
The membership is to any person who express willingness, who are regular. They should know the right and privilege. The members share the money. The offers of the cooperatives are
Ø Directors
Ø Different communities
Ø General manager
Ø Secretary
Ø Treasurer
Management Resources (7M)
ü Money
ü Machine
ü Man
ü Market
ü Materials
ü Measures
ü method

To keep the local economic of our school, a general assembly is formed by BBDE students. To start and learn from the practical form of cooperative. It consist of BOD (Board of Directors) which includes chairman, sectary, Treasurer and Manager. The share capital is from the members. The shop is up and running.  We are learning from the whole scale, integration and management.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Smile your way out

 "When life gives you too many lemons , make a lemonade out of it"...Something that hovers over me when times  test to take the worst out of me. When you are working in the environment full of egoistic people and people who don't like to see you happy..This will motivate you to carry on..
            There are certain people who carry two faces in the working environment. They will act like you are their everything when you are with them and moment you turn your back to take a step forward they will bite you like dog from your back and start back stabbing you.
            It's always better to tell if you don't like something. Back stabbing or talking from back will not do good to either self or the other person. It is always better to sort things up front..before it's too late or worst will happen if the person finds out you are talking bad about him/her.
            It doesn't matter if someone is going to hate you for you being truthful about things happening around. To those who matters they will always try to stick beside you no matter what and try to sort things out with you. And maybe try to change them self.
   If you come across something that is disturbing the whole thing..than go up front and let the person know about it. Be careful you don't make the wrong judgement.Anything particular,research is must before coming down to any conclusion. Make sure you have enough evidence to prove that what the other is not going in the right direction and it's hurting the others feeling.
            The best way to go, is be assertive..take care of your feeling and the others feeling your way. This is the best way to melt anyone's heart. Always keep yourself open to others statement. There must be a whole lot of point in why the person has done so. So try to sort things out in better way. This is the best way to avoid lemons the the working environment.
           Be polite and be assertive..Non verbal communication always works with intense people in the tough atmosphere. Do the observation carefully...take care of your feeling and the other's too..and in the end state your will be in good terms with everyone and you can smile your way throughout the day and all the days to come..

Thursday, November 6, 2014


To all those who are struggling to make a career,including self...
Everything in life is not what you want to do..but also about what you have to do. The modern world is based on competition and striving to achieve whats best. After all happiness is defined by how much sanctification you gain from your life within certain years from now. All based on what you will do and how you earn to do that.
                               Be positive no matter what. When it comes to making a decision about your career. Thrive for the best...struggle to get there no matter what. All of us are not equally privileged to do things as we desire.
                            Everyone is not born with BMW's parked in-front of our house or a posh office ready to bump in right after our studies.  The word has become a mean place to live in. How you going to live past your life is completely dependent upon your struggle in the early days. So do it even if you don't like it. I will guarantee you won't regret it.
        When you are still young and full of energy, develop lots of passions, thrive hard and go into the one that gives you pleasure as well as dollar.
                          When it comes to making a career choice, always look up the ladder. Don't hover over  those who are failing in life..Your focus should be on those who are succeeding..Life was never a competition before but it is now.. It's high time you wake up..pull up your socks and look up. People always say" dream of landing on moon and you will land among the stars".. Dream big but at the same time put bigger effort as well..
                       Have a focus, set your goals right. It's not about whether you like it or not..It's about staying focused on things you want.

            In life everybody need a little motivation to carry forward what they intend to do. You may aim big but if you are not motivated, you will not reach there in the right time. Always be motivated and stay focused on your goals.
            Being young and full of energy is not only about going to the newly opened pubs and dancing to your favorite number. It's about working hard to achieve your dreams. You may not like doing certain things but when it comes to setting your goals right, you don't have a choice.
            The right time to work hard and earn more is best when you are young and full of energy. This is the time you can take anything that comes your way, be it harsh or something that gives you butterflies in your stomach.

         Your dream to satisfactory life will only come if you are ready to struggle now. Take a more aggressive approach to your life. You don't like what you doing now..that's not your choice..Make a way to fall in love with it.. It will pay you good in times to come and you will have a life worth living.
          Don't run away from hard work..if you are than you are running away from success.. Accept failure, learn from it..Don't repeat the same mistakes again and again. Lessons learned from your mistakes are stepping stones to your goal in life....
            Make the best out of your life..Don't let your youthfulness get ruined by unwanted things.
Be focused..set your goals right. I say once more "Everything in life is not what you want to do but also about what you have to"


Friday, September 5, 2014


Can't think of anything....

As Kera lay there trying to figure out what could have went wrong, staring into the distance far away...all she could think was, she is now all broken and torn apart..on verge of giving up her live.

      Two years ago when she first met Adam, it was the best thing that ever happened to her. She was in her first year of college and he was in his final year..He had the most charming personality. The way he walks,the way he talks and everything about him was a boomer. Every lady in the corridor who came across him had something nice to talk about him.. He was a wow factor.
         As per Kera,she was a simple village girl who came to the college through government scholarship because of her extreme talent and leadership quality. She was a girl who didn't appreciate her beauty much..tried her hair at back and her closet was full of those old fashion cloths. But she had her own charm.
             Everything about Kera was polite and decent..The main reason behind Adam falling for her..
It was freshers night and Adam was the event manager, he had to talk with the juniors regarding their performance. He called in all of them and started briefing them.. It was that moment when he saw a decent looking girl, bending down to pick up her pencil, parting her hair which has fallen on her face.. It was a love at first sight.
          It took few days for him to figure out whether it was infatuation or love...but when he tried to figure out more, he was getting to know kera in dept and his love for her was growing even deeper..Everything about her was a was like god has erased the imperfection out of her dictionary..She was always appreciated for whet she did and kept doing things at her best..
            On the other side kera was also noticing Adam...His moves so captivating and perfect in her eyes..but she could do nothing..She thought to herself that a guy who is admired and approached by so many beautiful girls will have nothing for a girl like her..those girls are more confident and richer than her. Kera never knew that she was prettier in her own ways..
          When Adam first approached her..She didn't know what to do...It was a shock...She could say nothing but she will think it over and give the answer soon.She didn't want to make any decision in haste so It took Kera one week to figure out that she was falling for Adam too..

          The one week was intense for Adam..Finally at the weekend end they went out for a dinner and Kera accepted the proposal. 

            They were the most happy couple in the campus..There were lots of people who were jealous. specially those beautiful rich girls whose dream was to date and marry Adam. Some of them tried to create misunderstanding between the couple and tried to destroy their relation.

Love for each other was too strong for anything to come in between...It was growing deeper with time instead of fading..they were intimate....passionate and perfect lover to each other.

          It was almost one year and time for Adam to graduate and live the place. He asked Kera for the prom. He was the prom king and Kera was the prom was the best time of their life.

             Everything was so perfect. it was like the heaven has shifted it's ground to earth where ever they were. Every one were so found of them.. Even their parents came to know about them and they were so happy about them... Kera was so much adored by Adam's parents and Adam the same in Kera's family.

          what could have went wrong in such a beautiful relationship??between such a passionate couple??that left Kera so torn apart and broken...

figure it out and let me know...:)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Self Esteem

Self Esteem-pride and honor behind a man's success. 

Ever felt like you been broken down, pushed away and kicked so hard that you are not able to wake up from the ground, dust yourself and walk away with pride. These are the normal lemons of life you face each time you want to do something good.
               I have been through such incidents in my life..Sometimes the bitterness is so hard that it tears you apart,breaks you down and all you are left with is shock and sadness that almost tries to paralyze you.
                    The most important thing to do during these crucial time is never lose your self-esteem...Always keep your self at high self-esteem..and love yourself as much as you can..
It's only you and yourself alone that can judge and know what you are going through. Always place yourself above anyone.
                     Some people tend to lose self esteem at such time and they go through nervous break down. Nervous break down is something no one can face at any age. It leaves a man shattered.

               When you go through certain bumps in life...never feel that you are not worthy of anything..
Always remember that you are "worthy" of something and you are going to prove to the world that you are the best.
                  High self-esteem leads to enjoying high values in life. You become more competent and you are valued more by the superior as well as the colleagues...A talented man with low self esteem is worth nothing and your talents are never recognized..
              To make a noise in the world,the environment you are living in..have a high self esteem...have courage to face anything..don't fear challenges....Let the haters bark..let the air be full of jealousy ..Always keep in mind when you are going forward,"barking dog never bites" and jealousy becomes your puller to the height of success.  ...
       Today I write this as I am finally being recognized for my talent and what I am capable of doing..."HAVE A HIGH SELF ESTEEM..ENJOY THE FRUIT IT BRINGS"...

Monday, August 25, 2014

Lesson of the week "How to resolve conflict"..

This was the assignment topic to be worked on for the past week and this is what I came up with.. I did a little bit reading on the internet and googled few pictures..At last this is what i could best come out with..Resolving conflict Brochure for the peaceful working environment...lesson learned was resolving different types of conflict.


 conflicts are best if resolved must be brought down when its small...

What to do when you're upset....

When you are upset about something and that's draining your weekend...put on your headset..full volume on..take your camera...relax in the cool breeze...take a long breathe and take pictures like nothing is wrong...all you got to do is hold on and let positive..enjoy the moments..:)smile..never let anything come between you and your happiness...something from my lens..i took them all when i was upset..see how beautiful the pictures come.


My learning experiences so far in Eco Village School

  For a new bud, who just got out of college, it has been a great learning experience so far. With zero competence in teaching experience and zero knowledge about the concept of Eco village and Eco learning, I started the course and within few days of exploring and soaking in the culture of different learning environment, SVIS has discovered the potential in me, not only the things that i have been missing out in life but also the talents that has been hidden for a long time.
        The journey has been good so far. I have learned so many new things and still the learner in me is craving for the hunger to learn more and more everyday.
                                                                                    The best experiences or the best times were the ones that I went through in the beginning. The first one week session with the heads of the of the heavenly learning school opened my eyes to many things.. Learned many things about self as well as the childhood and inner development. It brought out whats best in me.

                                                                             Starting with the development of infant in mothers womb to the child's psychology during the developmental phase of it's live, the environment needed for learning, the psychological phases in the developmental stages from infant to adolescent all has been really fun to learn.
 The developmental needs ,psychology the childs going through during the process, the roles teacher and parents need to play has inculcated the fire of motivation in me to take up this noble profession. There is so much we can do in bringing up the future of our nation builders. Lead them in the right path, guide them properly.
              At first all i was thinking was Teaching as a mere teacher centered approach. After coming here i have learned how fun a teaching can be made, through group activities, children centered approach, various activities that can not only develop a child mentally but physically as well. Things learned definitely going to make teaching learning experiences a fun thing to do.
                                                                              The knowledge gained is kept,deep within the heart to carry on. Even the classroom interaction with the children and sharing few of my knowledge has proved to be a great advantage in the developmental phase of this profession.
                                                                                                 Things here learned taught me patience, command over my speaking skill, and learned how knowledge sharing can be made into a fun thing using different methods.
                       As the logo says I am here exploring, on the basis gaining experience. I am sure to evolve one day when i leave here. And sooner or later I will be expressing to the world what I have learned from this pristine Institute.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Lesson no.1

I don't want to argue with anyone..I am done fighting for what is right and what is wrong....probably i am dragging other people into it too...I guess life for me says "don't have to hover over again and again into something that tickles the sense of negativity in you...Time to let go of the thing that are not working out"..too young to hold on to things that are bringing pain not only to self but others in the environment as well....Life is all about experimenting and sticking to the ones that is most feasible...only a stone can stay in a single place..despite of sunlight, rainfall or thunderstorm...
        Its not always good fighting for the right..if it's not your problem..if you are not the one into the thick soup or if its something that is going to create hatred among others..of course the Buddha said."
don't be selfish:" But here the thing is not about being selfish..It's about making the change for your happiness... The mere research behind happiness begins with self and only if you are happy than you can make others happy and the environment will be a happy one..I thank my friend Thinley for igniting this light in me during our conversation about the situation i am in right now. Be selfish if it's your happiness that's at stake.


"Hatred generates negative energy" and if there is hatred you better be quick in reacting to the problem. Always be the one behind the research to figure out where you went wrong. Here i already have done it. Now the thing is I have to prove that i am the best and if they lose me,they going to regret..I am going to show them that i am the best. 

       Figure out your goals,set in the things that are going to bring out the best in you. I have so far been good and if thats how i am being judged i have to make certain change in me and figure out where I went wrong.. I am going to think only about myself..stop caring for others and do best that i can..
         So either bring the change to see if its working out and good if it does...if not plan, set something else and move on to another...but make sure you have things ready on other side before leaving..
sow the seeds and jump on to where its green...

     If things work out after making certain change in my character I will stick to the present deed i am doing if not like the earlier will become a mere experiment of my life..I am going to let go of this..and begin my next adventure. I have all ready and set if i want to go from here.

Life's Adventure

The best thing a man can do is...take his camera..pack a backpack...and go on a adventure likenothing is holding back...take lots of photos and enjoy the moment like its the end..Some of my favorite pictures captured...more to come... #nofilter Follow me on instagram. @namgyal.tiku for more photos from my collection.

Friday, August 22, 2014

What I'm learning??

There is always a better side to being positive and thinking positive.. The phenomenon behind is leading a positive life. I am a great believer in the methods and consequences of the philosophies that are associated with positiveness.
             According to research our thought creates vibration and anything that is in the thought becomes action. We must be in the potential to erase "I can't" from our dictionary of live and make things appear as "I Can". lesson learned is positive thought leads to positive action.
     The fundamental behind being the one with all the thoughts that goes towards making the human kind survive worst of tragedies lies in our hand. Have a thought of whats going to happen to the world after certain years...Is it going to be same like this forever.Most certainly the answer is "NO". 
      On the verge of bringing change in the society and on the globe as whole.. Our mother earth is bearing uncontrollable pain. The changes we make today are not going to have a sustainability.. 
        The fundamentalist behind being "buying now and paying later"...what i mean here is not merely buying stuff using your credit card. It is something you should have a great thinking to do. Buying now is what the generation present is taking from the Earth, it's resources to the core. Now think what price the future generation will pay. Of course the answer is simple...suffering and suffering as in not mare pain in's going to tear people apart. There will be lots of fight and famine, drought and calamity...sadness all over..
      The earth will not remain like will collapse.Nothing will remain...mankind will not survive.
So, what learned here is phenomenal and true. We must put in our positive thought together and start acting towards the "TRANSITION".
     Transition here is towards the human mind set development and our attitude towards mother earth. We have to heal our earth from now on..It has taken in too much pain and it's in the verge to collapse and finally take it's last breath. 
        "In healing our relationship to the Earth,we heal ourselves". Each human being is unique and for each one path is different. Everyone can contribute in one way or another. Lets all join hand and work towards the Transition.  Let's Change..Do something   or the other to reduce the harm on our mother Earth.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Back to Bhutan after three months of stay in college...Now the time has come for me to do something about my career...The only thing in my mind is WHAT???? With lots of question marks in my head I am waiting for my result and it is not out yet..
  For a time being i thought everything was going right and my future is decided...I thought i will go the spiritual way as decided back in Mysore..
     But as the decision I take has to be supported by my elders and parents..they don't see it right the things that I am going to do after having a degree in Computer Engineering and wasting so much money and four years of my precious time in college..They want me to do something related to it.
  The confusion crawls in here..i don't want to work for someone..I either want to start a business or do the thing that i decided in Mysore.
  Either way I am still idle and going with the passing time.I have to decide what to do with my life soon...if not this year but by next year i must be earn a living...make everyone proud of my decision...I am to soon get out of this confusion and decide something soon..till then i will be back to you soon.